Facilities & Programs*
Strength Training
This section is equipped with the latest VR and VR2 machines from Cybex, Precor Icarian, and Nautilus USA, which isolate targeted muscles for more specialized training. The location of the strength training machines is in such an area that all members / guest entering the gym feel the vigor and vitality of the place, and feel like working out.
The Free-Weight Area
The free weights area is judiciously located in a separate section, which exudes a rough and tough ambience for serious bodybuilders. It has plate-loaded machines where plates, dumbbells and barbells are from Jade and Ivanko, USA. The dumbbells go upto 140 pounds
Personal Training
Certified trainers are available to guide members through specialized programs. Personal trainers guide, motivate and make sure the member adheres to their program. The trainers are constantly updated on latest techniques through visiting Gold’s Gym trainers.
Spinning Studio
A good form of cardio workout, the spinning studio is fitted with spinning bikes. Spin away those calories to the rhythmic intensity of the instructor who guides you through various programs to increase heart rate and condition muscles while burning calories.
The Cardio Vascular Section has state-of the art machines comprising of Treadmills, Recumbent Bikes, Elliptical machines, Arc Trainers & Rowers from StarTrac and Cybex, USA. The machines are sleek, stunning and very user friendly. The machines have TV’s mounted in front of them to give the exerciser a view of local channels for entertainment.
Group Exercise / Aerobics
Group exercise incorporates dance and aerobics. Work out to the beats of Hollywood and Bollywood music. Increases flexibility, balance, strength and stamina. Improves muscle co-ordination and added grace in movement and posture. Classes in Power Yoga, Cross Training, Cardio- Salsa, Bollywood Blast, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, Body Toning, Challenge, Classic Aerobics & step, Circuit training, Functional training and Pilates Special classes for seniors and kids too.
Experience bliss at our spa. Relieve those aching muscles with complete Body massage, Back massage and Head massage
Juice Bar
Te juice bar is centrally located near the entrance to the gym. Keep your energy levels high with healthy snacks and dietary supplements.
Travel Card
As per international standards we offer our members a Travel Card by which they can use the Gold’s Gym facilities at all participating Gold’s Gyms for 14 days per center in India & while traveling to another country.
Transfer certificate
The Gold’s Gym membership can be transferred to another non-member if the member cannot utilize his term. The new member pays a transfer fee and use the remaining period of his membership. The membership is also transferrable to another Gold’s Gym if required. The members pays an enrollment fee and a difference in fee if any.
Fitness Assessment and Testing
A full body fitness assessment including body measurement, body fat percentage and blood pressure is conducted before the member starts his workout. Then some tests are carried out to assess his physical condition. This helps the trainer prepare a schedule card for him keeping in mind his fitness levels and goals.
Steam Room
Separate steam rooms available complimentary to members. There are exquisite locker rooms for ladies and gents to keep their belongings while they are in the gym. Members are given free lockers, towels and hair dryers for their use.
Qualified physiotherapists visit the gym and offer professional advice to those requiring medical attention.
Valet Parking
Swimming Pool
Boxing Ring
Weight Loss
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Squash Court
* - Facilities & Services listed above are representative across all Gold's Gyms and may vary across each Gold's Gym location.

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